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Choice Theory

Choice Theory is actually an explanation of all human behavior developed by Dr. William Glasser.

Choice Theory pretty much rids us of the idea that people are “misbehaving.” All anyone is doing is their best attempt to get something they want. Of course in the process, they may break laws, disregard rules and hurt others but those are really side effects of doing the best they know how to get their needs met. We are all doing our best—some of us simply have better tools, resources and behaviors at our disposal than others.

If we embrace Choice Theory’s concepts, then our function should be more to educate and help others self-evaluate the effectiveness of their own behavior. Know that often they will continue to do things exactly as they have because it’s familiar and/or because what they are doing really is getting them something they want. It is not our job to stop them, nor is it our job to rescue them from the consequences of their own behavior.

For more information about Choice Theory go to Choice Theory Central

Breakthrough Strategies for Success: for Counselors, Educators and Business Leaders e-Course

If you are interested in an overview of the exciting, revolutionary work of the world reknown, Dr. William Glasser, then this e-Course is for your. For
25 weeks, you will receive a lesson in your inbox with another concept of Glasser's work. This e-Course is chock full with information about Choice Theory, Reality Therapy, Lead Management and Quality Schools. If you are interested in learning more but aren't committed yet to spending the $500 for a Basic Week of training in Glasser's ideas, then check out this eCourse. You will get enough information to be able to implement the ideas in your work and it just may whet your appetite to do more intensive study. What are you waiting for. These approaches are experiencing outstanding success in social service agencies, counseling, schools and business. Don't wait one more day to discover the strategies for success that this eCourse unveils.  View the Table of Contents

Reality Therapy/Choice Theory Workbook

This Reality Therapy/Choice Theory Workbook is full of useful handouts for anyone learning Choice Theory, Reality Therapy and Lead Management. It contains the same material I give to participants during their Basic Week of training toward Reality Therapy certification.

This workbook goes best with our e-Course, Breakthrough Strategies for Success: for Counselors, Educators and Business Leaders. This e-Course contains the information taught during a Basic Week and the Workbook provides the visual handouts to supplement the learning.



Choice Theory Report
A five (5) page report explaining Choice Theory, a concept developed by William Glasser. Choice Theory is an explanation of human behavior and Theory has five basic components —the basic human needs, the quality world, the perceived world, the comparing place and total behavior. This report gives a more detailed explanation of these five components.

Only $14.95


Choice Theory & Reality Therapy Training - Downloadable two (2) hour training

This two-hour teleconference recording of Choice Theory and Reality Therapy (CT/RT) is perfect for you if you want an overview of the basic concepts or if you have already learned these concepts but are seeking a concise review of CT/RT. In this recording, I go over the tenants of Choice Theory, providing an explanation of all human behavior. We cover the five basic needs, the Quality World, the perceived world, our comparing place and total behaviors. Then, I review the process of Reality Therapy and its connection to Choice Theory. Reality Therapy is a self-evaluation process by which the helper learns to ask the questions that facilitate a person's self-evaluation of their behaviors as they relate to the accomplishment of their stated goals. This is a great process for anyone to practice--couples, parents, counselors, social workers, psychologists, teachers, nurses, clergy, business leaders and anyone who finds themselves in a position of trying to help others or even themselves.

Only $19.95

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Choice Theory Learning Chart

CT Learning Chart
9” x 11.5
- Laminated

Students and teachers--enhance your understanding of the Choice Theory Chart with the Learning Chart. The Learning Chart is a laminatedlearning tool with all the symbols, shapes and colors of the original Choice Theory Chart, but without any of the descriptive terms or explanation. Given the complexity and challenge of the Choice Theory Chart, this chart without words will engage learners in reflecting on the placement and logic of key features. Teachers and students will find myriads of uses for this versatile tool. Review, practice and test yourself by writing on it with dry erase marker. “Walk” the chart with your fingers. Drive a “total behavior” toy car on it. Review, teach and explain with it. This is a “must have” for anyone working on Reality Therapy Certification. Basic and Advanced Week faculty and practicum instructors will find it to be an essential teaching too1. Students will appreciate having their own individual copies of the Learning Chart to help them gain mastery of the Choice Theory Chart. Full color, laminated, 9” x 11.5”, (©2009). The Choice Theory Chart is used with permission of The William Glasser Institute.

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Choice Theory Floor Chart

CT Floor Chart

45”x 72”- Felt

Anyone who has walked a Choice Theory chart will appreciate this 45” x 72” colorful felt choice theory chart. This handcrafted chart is ideal for teaching all components of Choice Theory and the application of Reality Therapy. This attractive chart is made from washable and durable felt. It includes 21 basic parts of the Choice Theory Chart. Letters and symbols are inscribed in crisp, professional silk-screen. Felt chart colors correspond to the colors on the Choice Theory Chart. Set-up is easy and fast. Folds or rolls for compact storage.

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Choice Theory & Reality Therapy - Downloadable one (1) hour of our teleconference Choice Theory & Reality Therapy which is an introduction to Dr. William Glasser's revolutionary ideas of human behavior.

Only $10.00


“This training provided, a nice, relaxing learning experience. A well-rounded theory that can be utilized with 90% of the population, learning was fun, iInformation was relevant and applicable.”

—Michael Cappella

“This training is very beneficial and therapeutic.
Individuals become aware of how to utilize Choice Theory in all aspects of life.”

Donna Bookhammer

“This training provided a lot of insight, it opens your eyes to different things. The training makes you change your way of thinking without allowing your values to interfere with therapy. It also allows you to know and learn yourself and personal life as well.”

—Nafeesah Reed




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Phone: 708-957-6047
Fax: 708-957-8028

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