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InsideOut Coaching is for you if you want to teach your clients to live from the insideOut!

InsideOut Coaching

The Academy of Choice offers several different InsideOut Coaching programs to meet a variety of needs. There are programs for already licensed helping professionals—psychologists, therapist, counselors and social workers. We also offer programs for unlicensed professionals who are already coaches who want to improve their coaching skills and unlicensed professionals  looking to break into the field of coaching for the first time. We also offer programs for business professional who wish to add coaching skills to their arsenal of supervision skills. The Academy of Choice also offers CE opportunities for coaches seeking additional

Our programs can be taken in person, online or a mix of the two.

Our revolutionary InsideOut Process is built on the foundation of the legendary work of Dr. William Glasser’s, Choice Theory®, which helps people understand the only person’s behavior they can control is their own but also teaches many effective ways to influence the behavior of others.

InsideOut Coaches know how to help their clients become bigger than anything that happens to them. InsideOut Coaching assists clients with taking responsibility for the solutions to their own problems, while helping them learn how to have the greatest positive influence with the important people in their lives.

"Success is being able to affect the change in your life that you want, while gracefully accepting, and even appreciating, those things that come your way that you didn't want originally."

—Kim Olver

InsideOut coaches assist their clients to clarify their vision, mission, values and goals. They ask more questions, than provide direct answers, with the goal of guiding the client toward options that will maximize the likelihood of goal attainment. Coaches work from a position of strength and wellness, as opposed to deficit and pathology. InsideOut Coaching provides just the right balance of support, challenge and accountability.

For more information on becoming an InsideOut Coach visit The Academy of Choice website.


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“I feel that Kim Olver is an outstanding speaker. She has a very down-to-earth approach, that makes things more understandable. Kim has an outgoing, very personable personality, which makes her teaching more interesting".

---Teresa Murray

“Great tools to help in learning process. Very nice job with explanations.”

---Gina Bellanca


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Coaching for Excellence
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Fax: 708-957-8028

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