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What We Do

Not only can ACT deliver a high-quality workshop of your choice but it can also develop personalized workplace solutions to your individual specifications. Some of our most requested topics include the following:

  • diversity
  • equity and inclusion
  • leadership skills
  • coaching
  • Choice Theory® for human services professionals and educators
  • stress management
  • teambuilding
  • Mental Freedom™
  • goal attainment
  • development of Glasser Quality Schools
  • customer service


Our Approach

ACT distinguishes itself as a company that partners with its clientele to provide customized solutions. We are not interested in being a check-the-box service provider. We believe training should be designed to facilitate real skill acquisition and behavior change, something that rarely occurs with a simple training event. It may provide the information and motivation for change, but ACT understands the desired transformation requires determining the most effective intervention to accomplish the goal, along with the importance of group or individual coaching following the training event for actionable solidification of the new skills through repetition and accountability.


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide customized solutions in the area of intra- and interpersonal skills through training, coaching and consulting for businesses, agencies and schools. We accomplish this through assessment, research, experience and our unique training styles.

About Our Organization

Alliance of Chicago Trainers (ACT) is comprised of highly skilled and professional trainers, speakers, coaches and consultants with local, national and international experiences. Our people teach, speak, coach and consult about a diverse selection of topics in the multi-faceted area of intra- and interpersonal skills. Collectively, we have vast education and experience in diversity, equity and inclusion, leadership, workplace climate and culture, and the psychology behind individual behavior change and skill acquisition. 

Our Office

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